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BYBLOS is a ready-to-wear brand

that embraces both the past and the future in a young and contemporary spirit.

It was created in 1973, and brought to life initially by the creative genius of Gianni Versace succeeded by the French Guy Paulin and by English Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver.

In 2002 the brand was taken over by Swinger International, bringing its background of Italian tailoring experience, made of fabrics research and richness of details.

In 2006 Manuel Facchini took over the artistic direction of the brand: the talent of the fashion designer feeds on the continuous inspiration that comes from art, design and architecture, into a creative process that constantly aims at innovation.

Byblos man and woman are modern, dynamic, charismatic, independent, attentive to fashion.

Male and female collections are characterized by clean silhouette, easy but rigorous fit, volume games, tailoring finishes, precious fabrics, refined colors, mix of materials, innovative workmanship, sophisticated prints, attention to coordinated details and accessories.

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