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The satisfaction of excelling at outdoor pursuits like cycling, golf, fishing and all round active lifestyles is immeasurable. To do so requires a combination of skill, practice and – of course – the right equipment.

At Eyewise Optometrists we believe there is an additional – yet equally important factor to capturing the fulfilment of athletic achievement: The intimate sensation of being at one with the places in which these events happen. Reaching that higher state of awareness, that sense of being completely connected to the environment, this requires an advanced level of visual perception and precision optics.

With this in mind we are proud to supply sports eyewear brands such as:
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Safety Glasses

Eyewise Optometrists has one of the largest safety frame and lens ranges available in the market. Australian Standards tICK-TOWER
Our safety frame ranges consists of leading brands such as Eyres, bollé, Ugly Fish, Matador Equipment, Cummings Optical and includes a broad range of styles including plastic and metal frames and also wrap and positive seal products as well. All our safety products are independently tested to AS/NZS 1337.6.2012 medium impact standards, and are made in independently certified labs, therefore meeting the best available quality and assurance. It is important that your safety glasses are comfortable as well as practical, our staff is on hand to provide expert advice and to help you choose the right combination to suit your needs. We deal with only the best safety spectacle companies in Australia: Eyres, Hoya Safety & RX Safety.

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Download available frame Catalogues here:

Eyres Prescription Safety 2017 Hoya Safety Frame Catalogue RX Safety Catalogue 2017


Contact Lenses
Healthy eyes female contact lens

“Good fitting is key to getting the best results from your contact lenses”

Contact lenses are small prescription lenses, worn in “contact” with the eye, they are designed to float on the tear film in the eye and correct vision. The original concept for contact lenses was first illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508, with the first glass lens manufactured and fitted to the eye in 1887, the first plastic lens that resembled the modern Gas permeable or hard lens was introduced in 1948. It took until 1971 for soft contact lenses in their current format to be introduced and since then contact lenses have evolved to the modern day lenses we have today, a myriad of high technology products to suit all sorts of eyes and correct numerous prescriptions, allowing many more people to experience and see the benefits that contact lenses can provide.

We now have so many options available that in most cases we can find a contact lens to suit, whether you want contact lenses for full time use, for sports or social occasions or have a medical condition which requires specialized fitting. All prescriptions can be catered for, HyperopiaMyopiaAstigmatism and Presbyopia, depending upon your requirements we can fit daily disposables, 2 weekly or monthly lenses, toric lenses to correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses for Presbyopia, as well as Gas Permeable lenses for general use or in cases such as Keratoconus where specialized fitting is required.

If you have been thinking about trying contact lenses give the team at Eyewise Optometrists a call and book in for a contact lens fitting. A good fitting is key to getting the best results from your contact lenses, ensuring comfort and safe contact lens cleaning and handling practices. We feel it is important to offer our patients a comprehensive fitting and aftercare service, this is even more important for first-time wearers who understandably can be apprehensive about trying lenses. Contact lens materials and availability change all the time, so even established wearers benefit from regular reviews to ensure their eyes remain healthy and they are wearing the best available.

Direct lens techWe use only the highest quality lenses from Hoya Lens and Shamir Australia. So we have access to an extensive range that can be tailored to individual needs.  Our staff are highly trained and experienced and are able to provide professional advice on lenses to bestsuit your needs and budget.

A brief overview of lens types are:

Single Vision: Lenses have the same focal power throughout the lens and are designed to correct near sightedness, intermediate, far sightedness and/or astigmatism.

Bifocal: Are sectioned into 2 segments, generally the upper part is for distance & the lower part (segment) for reading.  The two powers are separated by a discretely visible line.

Multifocal/Progressive/Graduated: These lenses have 3 zones generally with distance starting at the top and gradually increasing in power from top to the bottom with no visible lines. This gives the wearer a continuous range of vision and every distance.

Australian Made™ 

In June 2014, Shamir Australia was announced the 2000th Australian business certified to carry the prestigious Australian made, trademark logo for it’s prescription, surfaced lenses.

Australian Made
Lens Coatings
Anti-reflective coating: Main function is to reduce light reflections on both the front and back surfaces of the lens.  This allows more light to pass through and helps vision especially in low light situations.

There are now several types of anti-reflective coatings:

Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV™

Prevent digital eye strain

The Glaring Truth!

Artificial light is a given of modern life, and in today’s high-tech world we are increasingly exposed to light emanating from TV screens and computers, mobile phone screens, headlights, lampposts, and much more. Making up 50% of the total, LED is the most common of all artificial light sources. Give your eyes the enlightened protection they deserve, with Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV!

Shamir Glacier Plus UV™

Better protection for perfect vision

Comprehensive UV Protection

Shamir Glacier Plus UV offers a new concept in UV protection. Even lenses that claim 100% UV blocking, do not protect the eyes from the UV reflection that reaches the eyes from the rear surface of the lens.The new Glacier Plus UV coating includes extra UV protection that prevents the harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes – that’s comprehensive UV protection!

Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV™

Just to be crystal clear

The Clear, Natural Looking Coating!

Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV offers all the benefits of the advanced Shamir Glacier Plus UV. It provides dual side UV protection with improved anti-reflection. It is hydrophobic, oleo-phobic and anti-static keeping lenses free of dust, grease and water stains and is easy to clean. Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV is also highly durable and scratch resistant, but there’s a much more important difference – CLARITY!