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Uniquely masculine. Scandinavian design inspired by architecture.

Created by Morel in 1997, the Öga brand was the first line used to illustrate the group’s creative potential. A Swedish designer was given carte blanche to develop an innovative concept in eyewear, taking his principal inspiration from contemporary Scandinavian architecture. The result—Öga is now a leading brand in designer eyewear. Öga mixes radical design with a subtle combination of technology and high quality materials, creating a demanding style that makes no concessions, in which frame comfort does not detract from the purity and originality of the design.

Eyewear is elevated beyond functionality to the status of art form in the grand tradition of Scandinavian design. The Öga brand fits well into the esteemed sphere of designer eyewear, with a focus above all on design and quality rather than extravagance of form.

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