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Mako Polarised Sunglasses

MAKO Polarised Sunglasses were launched onto the Australian market place over 25 years ago and have been at the leading edge of high quality polarised eyewear ever since. We were one of the first (if not the first) local Brands to introduce Polarised Lens technology and continue to be 100% Australian owned.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s MAKO forged strong links with leading international and fishing sporting identities. We can also count iconic fisher people such as Steve Starling and Peter Morse as Mako ambassadors.

Your Prescription Lenses

We all know that polarised wrap-around sunglasses provide the best protection in high glare and outdoor environments.  They limit the amount of light that enters your eyes around the sides, top and bottom of the sunglasses and provide you with the maximum eye protection possible from the elements.

The problem has been combining wrap-around frames with prescription lenses.

Traditionally, fitting prescription lenses to these wrap-around sunglasses has resulted in a small field-of-vision, blurred peripheral vision and a very limited availability of prescription powers.  This is because the high curvature of the lenses used in sports and wrap-around style sunglasses, while providing great protection, also drastically change the way lens refracts light.  When looking straight ahead, what you saw with traditional prescription lenses might have been in focus but off to the sides, distortion was everywhere (sometimes called ‘swim’) and the resulting vision correction was poor.

Specifically developed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and designed for wrap-around sunglasses, the MAKO Freeform Active™ lens utilises the latest technology in digital freeform design and manufacturing processes.

Advances in computing power, software, machinery and years of experience have meant freeform lenses havebecome the benchmark in polarised prescription lenses.  We have drawn on this experience and utilised technology and designs from world leaders in the field to develop the MAKO Freeform Active ™ lens.

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