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JISCO Eyewear

mediterranean style

The Mediterranean is water, it is land and it is people.
Between these three elements a relationship is born that generates moments and feelings.
Nature makes us feel inspired, alive and free.
Therefore, we inspire people to explore and enjoy nature and empower them to be healthy, creative and responsible.
Choosing ecological raw materials
35% of our collection is made
with BIO-ACETATE. This new bioacetate is 100% natural, since it comes from 100% cellulose,
the most widespread organic compound in nature, which makes it bio-based* and 100% BIODEGRADABLE.
* Bio-based means the natural and renewable origin of the material.

25% of our collection is made with PURE TITANIUM, which is a 100% RECYCLABLE raw material.

We care deeply about nature and are committed to making the right decisions
for the protection of the environment.
We have decided to live more sustainably.

That is why we are very critical of the supply of raw materials, the production process,
even our packaging, always looking for ways to be kind to the Earth.
Help us reduce the impact of our business on the environment.

The journey to sustainability is a long one, but we are dedicated to it,
and we are very grateful for your support and participation.“
Jördis & Francisco